Veterinary Physiotherapy

Kent Sports Therapy is aimed at offering a variety of sports therapy related treatments for both

Horse, Hound and Humans!

Sports Therapy is simply a term used to describe a number of professionally applied Veterinary Physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques which includes electrotherapies, sports & remedial massage and manipulation techniques to address tension, pain and restricted movement that may have been built up by repetitive activities, misaligned posture and sports related training or injury.

A combination of techniques are used for both Horse, Hound and Human to tailor the treatment to the individual to achieve optimal benefit.

Kinesiology Taping now used in treatments when and where required for both horse and rider.

Equine Kinesiology Taping and electrotherapies used only under strict veterinary consultation and consent.

Who will it help?

This type of treatment is suitable for everyone and every horse and hound.

Sports Therapy has many benefits from both the physical and psychological.

Stressed out muscles are encouraged to relax by stretching & lengthening tight muscle fibres and restore efficient blood flow. This helps to ease pain and facilitate movement. Deeper style treatments work through layers of soft tissue to uncover the source of long standing problems. While corrective stretching techniques teach muscles and tendons to relax and lengthen after years of being held short and tight.