Veterinary Physiotherapy

Horse & Rider Sports Injury

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Kent Sports Therapy offers professionally applied, scientific, evidence based and best practice Veterinary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation techniques to both large and small animals, along with sports therapy related treatments for Horses, Hounds and Humans!

Sports Therapy is simply a term used to describe a number of professionally applied Veterinary Physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques that include electrotherapies, manual therapies such as sports & remedial massage, manipulation and joint mobilization techniques to address tension, pain and restricted movement that may have been built up by repetitive activities, misaligned posture and sports related training or injury. A combination of techniques are used for both Horse, Hound and Human to tailor the treatment to the individual to achieve optimal benefit.

Kinesiology Taping is now used in treatments when and where required for both horse and rider.