Benefits of Veterinary Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy

  • Identifies and releases muscular tension and trigger/stress points
  • Increases muscle flexibility, suppleness and range of movement
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Helps PREVENT Injuries
  • Removes muscle spasms and adhesion's
  • Speeds recovery from muscular injuries
  • Equine Kinesiology Taping can be used to facilitate and inhibit muscles as well as assisting with locomotive issues. It can also help to reduce swelling, inflammation and thus reduce pain.

* Equine Kinesiology Taping is strictly used after vet consult and consent is received.

Musculoskeletal Problems & Rehabilitation

Directly addresses these problems by manual therapy, sports massage, joint mobilisation and exercise prescription. Allowing your horse to compete to their full potential. Treatments increase circulation and lymphatic flow. Reduces muscular fatigue, tension and stress which are the primary causes of muscular injury.

Please Note

This is not a substitute for veterinary attention. All work carried out is in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, which states that veterinary consent must be approved before working on any animal. Veterinary consent will be required before treatments can be applied to your horse.