Veterinary Physiotherapy

Equipment Hire

We know that when your animal is injured or recovering from surgery, you want to be able to offer them the best treatment available. 

We also recognise that it is not always feasible for us to apply electrotherapy treatments such as Therapeutic Ultrasound or Laser/ Red Light therapy on a daily basis and therefore we are now offering our sensible animal owners the opportunity to hire therapeutic equipment to enhance the speedy recovery of their injured/recovering animal. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound is commonly used for the successful treatment of injury to tendons, ligaments or joint capsule type tissues such as the treatment of osteoarthritis that affects the articulate surfaces of the joints. Regular, daily or tri/bi weekly application can optimize the tissue repair process to speed up recovery time along with the correct Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment and exercise rehabilitation program.

Please enquire as to whether Therapeutic Ultrasound may benefit your animals recovery and whether our hand held Therapeutic Ultrasound device may be suitable for you.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light ther​apy is ideal for superficial tissues and wound repair. These easy to use hand held devices are ideal for superficial wounds or injuries to superficial tissues. Daily, regular use has been shown to increase tissue repair and optimize the bodies own tissue healing process to speed up recovery. Please contact us today to see if this type of therapy would be ideal for your animal.