Veterinary Physiotherapy

Kinesiology Taping

Taping has been used for a long time to provide human athletes with pain relief and support for all areas of the body.

Lightweight, thin, stretchy, adhesive and non-restrictive purposely designed tape for horses - GG Tape can benefit a wide variety of injuries, weaknesses and inflammatory conditions. It can be applied to improve muscle weakness, support muscular function, tendons and ligaments following injury or times of rehabilitation and poor performance.

The tape interacts with the skin, the nerves under the skin and the circulatory system in the injured area. The tape gently lifts the skin, creating a space between the skin and the tissues below. This then creates a negative pressure, allowing both blood vessels and lymphatic vessels to open, increasing the circulation of both fluids. With an improved blood flow this will enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues and increasing the healing process. As the lymphatic vessels open, the fluid from the injured area can drain away naturally, providing immediate pain relief.

It can also improve neuromuscular awareness, function and aids restoration of normal muscle activation and proprioception. This in turn then restores strength and mobility in the muscles and neurotransmitters.